The 10th International Conference on Robotics in Education, RiE 2019, will take place at:

Aula der Wissenschaften [Hall of Sciences]

Wollzeile 27a
A-1010 Vienna



The “Aula der Wissenschaften” [Hall of Sciences] has always been a meeting place and a place to share knowledge. Dating back to the 17th century, the building with its lecture halls was originally used by the university. At a later date, the classrooms were used by the “Akademische Gymnasium”. At the top floor, the early baroque building has accommodated the impressive hall of the Jesuit theatre from the very beginning. During the 18th century the “Wiener Zeitung”– the oldest daily newspaper in the world – had its editorial department on these highly traditional premises, and also the Austrian State Printing House had its home there. After the complete renovation and restoration of the building (2003 – 2006), the historic premises with their pillars, arches and vaulted ceilings have retained their natural atmosphere, while intensifying the dialogue with the present. Spacious glass surfaces provide the kind of transparency that is also inherent in state-of-the-art science: progressive, open, an escape from the elitist, intellectual ivory tower. A knowledge-based information society needs meeting places that stimulate communication and understanding among companies, research institutes and interest groups. The Aula der Wissenschaften is such a place for the exchange of ideas. As a communication site, it aims to bring about collaboration that transcends subject boundaries and involves different occupational groups. As a central nodal point, it serves to bring together protagonists from the political, business and scientific fields and spans social networks. It provides a home for research and innovation. In a stylish, historic atmosphere, the Aula der Wissenschaften facilitates a dialogue with the general public and promotes scientific discourse. Interdisciplinary and Europe-wide.

How to reach

The Aula der Wissenschaften is in a central location, only a few minutes’ walk away from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It is thus in direct neighbourhood to a great variety of hotels, restaurants, bars, underground carparks, cultural institutions and shopping areas. In addition the “Stadtpark”invites the visitor to spend some time in a relaxing atmosphere. The Aula der Wissenschaften is very centrally located and within easy and comfortable reach for guests of Vienna from all over the world. Several underground lines (U1, U3, U4), bus (1A, 74A) and tram (line number 2) converge in this area.